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Activity Idea: 3 Regions of North Carolina (Quick Tip)

Each of these works represents a different region of North Carolina.

Use the following strategies to explore connections between these North Carolina works of art and our state.

  1. Identify North Carolina’s three landform regions on a map. Pick one—the Coastal Plain, Piedmont or Mountains. Find pictures of the region in books or on-line, or visit the region in person. Design a postcard to represent your region. Explain on the back of the postcard why you chose that region. Share the works with the rest of the class, and have students identify the regions shown.
  2. Plan a vacation to a selected region in North Carolina. What cities would you visit? What historical sites would you see? What could you do for fun? How much would it cost to vacation in your chosen region? Why might the cost of your trip be more or less than the cost to visit a different region?
  3. Using the format of Top 10 List, pick a region and draft a Top 10 List of “Ways You Know You Are in the _____________ Region of North Carolina.” Answers can be funny or serious, as long as the information is relevant to your particular region.
  4. The views at his mother’s Alamance County farm inspired John Beerman’s Three Trees, Two Clouds. Create a work of art inspired by a place that is important to you. Think about how the place makes you feel, and choose colors that reflect that mood. Write a short story based on one of your memories of the place. Display your art and story with the rest of the class’s work in an exhibition.