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NCMA Explore: Ancient Peru (NCMA Explore Resource)

NCMA Explore: Ancient Peru offers a variety of learning experiences around seven objects in the NCMA’s collection. Choose the activities that work best for you and your students.

Find pre- and post-visit materials for NCMA Explore: Ancient Peru


Send your students into the ancient Peruvian site of Chornancap where they can play a scavenger hunt to find the 3D museum objects hidden within the environment.

Play the PyramidQuest: Ancient Peru minigame. This is a “city builder” style game based on the Sicán culture. In PyramidQuest, players grow, collect, and mine resources historically accurate to Sicán culture to build an ancient Peruvian civilization. Win the game by building a city complete with a pyramid! Check out our background notes to learn more about the research that informed the creation of the game.

Go straight to the objects in 3D using Sketchfab, or use a mobile device to view them in Augmented Reality (AR). All objects have 3D printer files available for downloading.

Try NCMA Explore in your classroom? Let us know how it went!