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Tour Resources: Frida, Diego, and Friends (Grades 3-8) (Quick Tip)

Frida, Diego, and Friends (grades 3-8, maximum of 40 students) 

Explore the world of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and other Mexican artists working in the first half of the 20th century. Learn how these artists depicted each other and the cultures that influenced them through photography, painting, and drawing. Recommended for 3rd–8th graders.

Pre-visit Activities 

Before your visit, consider doing one of the activities listed below to help prepare your students.

Portraits of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Compare Self-Portrait with Braid and Portrait of Diego Rivera by Frida Kahlo. How are the two works similar? How are they different?

Putting Things Together

Look at the still life The Bride Who Becomes Frightened When She Sees Life Opened 1943. What do you notice in this painting? What fruits do you recognize? Which do you think grow in Mexico, where Frida Kahlo lived? Why might Frida Kahlo put all these things together in this still life (a painting of things)?

Post-visit Activities 

After your visit, consider doing one of the activities listed below to extend learning.


The term Mexicanidad is translated as “Mexicanness.” Mexican modernist artists celebrated their Mexican identity, which included pre-Hispanic native cultures and colonial history, as well as a vision for the country’s future. This activity asks students to celebrate Americanness in their art.

Ask students to identify scenes they associate with the United States. What images come to mind? Students share their ideas with the group. Ask students to vote on which single scene or image interests them most. Tell students to sketch their idea of that scene or image. After 15 minutes or so, ask students to compare their sketches. How are they similar? How are they different? What other images, memories, or artists do they think influenced them?

Making It Yours

Create a still life that reflects the culture(s) that shape your identity. What items did you include, and why?

Create a self-portrait that reveals your various identities. How does your clothing, the things you’re holding, or the setting reveal the culture or cultures that influence who you are?

Suggested Readings

    • Frida Kahlo: The Artist Who Painted Herself by Margaret Frith, illustrated by Tomie dePaola, Grosset and Dunlap, New York, 2003. ISBN 0-448-42677-3 (paperback)
    • Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Frida Kahlo, written and illustrated by Mike Venezia, Scholastic, Children’s Press, New York, 2016. ISBN 978-0-531-2131-6 (paperback)

Additional Resources

Download this handout for a complete list of pre-visit activities, and post-visit activities created specifically for this tour.