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Tour Resources: Frida, Diego, and Mexican Identity(ies) in Art (Grades 6-12) (Quick Tip)

Frida, Diego, and Mexican Identity(ies) in Art (grades 6-12, maximum of 50 students) 

How did Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and other Mexican artists influence modernist art of the early 20th century? See how artists reflected and promoted varied Mexican cultures through their work. Recommended for 6th–12th graders.

Pre-visit Activities 

Before your visit, consider doing one of the activities listed below to help prepare your students.

Who Am I?

Introduce the idea that one’s identity can include many different aspects of life: generational, familial, and societal roles; sexual orientation; cultural origins and world view, and so on. Share the list in this handout with students. Which of these words would they apply to themselves? What would they change or add to their personal list?

Circle of Influence

Think about all the people, cultures, and places in your life that influence you. On a piece of paper, write your name in the middle. Then write the people and things who influence you the most near your name. If there are influences that you don’t think are quite as strong, write them a bit farther from your name.

Nouns and Adjectives

Select an image from the exhibition. Discuss it with students using the discussion strategy Nouns and Adjectives. To see this strategy used with a work from the NCMA, go here.


Post-visit Activities 

After your visit, consider doing one of the activities listed below to extend learning.

Envisioning America

Think about what it means to be American; generate as many ideas as possible. You have been commissioned to create a mural in a highly visible spot in your community. Which of those ideas would you use for your mural, and why? Create a preliminary sketch of your mural design.

Identity Made Visible

Think about an outfit that is comfortable for you and fits your personality. What about it makes it perfect for you? Do you have an outfit(s) that represents your cultural heritage(s)? How does this outfit make you feel? What quality(ies) does it share with the other outfit? What makes it distinctive? Create a self-portrait that reflects your ideas.

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Additional Resources

Download this one-page handout for pre-visit activities and post-visit activities created specifically for this tour.