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Alison Saar (artista)


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Nacida en 1956 en Laurel Canyon, un suburbio de Los Ángeles (California), Alison Saar se licenció en el Scripps College de Claremont (California) en 1978 y obtuvo un máster en el Otis Art Institute de Los Ángeles (California) en 1981. Aunque tiene ascendencia afroamericana, europea y nativa, la obra de Saar se inspira especialmente en la cultura, la historia y los relatos afroamericanos.

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Alison Saar (born February 5, 1956) is a Los Angeles, California based sculptor, mixed-media, and installation artist. Her artwork focuses on the African diaspora and black female identity and is influenced by African, Caribbean, and Latin American folk art and spirituality. Saar is well known for "transforming found objects to reflect themes of cultural and social identity, history, and religion." Saar credits her parents, collagist and assemblage artist Betye Saar (née Brown) and painter and art conservator Richard Saar, for her early exposure to are and to these metaphysical and spiritual practices. Saar followed in her parents footsteps along with her sisters, Lezley Saar and Tracye Saar-Cavanaugh who are also artists. Saar has been a practicing artist for many years, exhibiting in galleries around the world as well as installing public art works in New York City. She has received achievement awards from institutions including the New York City Art Commission as well as the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.