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Eugène Boudin (artist)


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Eugène Boudin was born in Normandy on the northern coast of France, where he developed a love for marine subjects. For a time he operated a frame shop in LeHavre, and after leaving it he continued to display his paintings there. Although his paintings were part of the first impressionist exhibition of 1874, Boudin did not consider himself an innovator.

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Eugène Louis Boudin (French: [øʒɛn lwi budɛ̃]; 12 July 1824 – 8 August 1898) was one of the first French landscape painters to paint outdoors. Boudin was a marine painter, and expert in the rendering of all that goes upon the sea and along its shores. His pastels, summary and economic, garnered the splendid eulogy of Baudelaire; and Corot called him the "King of the skies".