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Lyonel Feininger (artista)


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Hijo de inmigrantes alemanes, el estadounidense Lyonel Feininger vivió en Alemania de 1887 a 1937. En 1907, dejó una exitosa carrera como caricaturista político y dibujante de cómics para dedicarse a la pintura, yendo y viniendo entre París y Berlín durante los siguientes años.

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Lyonel Charles Adrian Feininger (July 17, 1871 – January 13, 1956) was a German-American painter, and a leading exponent of Expressionism. He also worked as a caricaturist and comic strip artist. He was born and grew up in New York City. In 1887 he traveled to Europe and studied art in Hamburg, Berlin and Paris. He started his career as a cartoonist in 1894 and met with much success in this area. He also worked as a commercial caricaturist for 20 years. At the age of 36, he began to work as a fine artist. His work, characterized above all by prismatically broken, overlapping forms in translucent colors, with many references to architecture and the sea, made him one of the most important artists of classical modernism. Furthermore he produced a large body of photographic works and created several piano compositions and fugues for organ.