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Visual Literacy Resources: Part 1 (Story)

Por Ashley Weinard

The North Carolina Essential Standards include three standards to support visual literacy instruction in the K–12 art classroom. This is a great thing! Visual literacy—the ability to construct meaning from visual images—is a critical skill for students and teachers alike. However, it is often tricky to explain what it means and looks like to those who are not familiar with its related benefits or methodologies. It can also be difficult to find new ways of nurturing this skill across grade levels, learning types, and subjects.

Fear not! Over the next few days, we will be exploring four different resources that can help you define, advocate for, and teach visual literacy to a wide range of learners.

The Visual Literacy White Paper
This document clearly defines the term visual literacy, describes its history and educational benefits, and demonstrates what it looks like in K–12 and college instruction. Share it with administrators, parents, or anyone who questions the pedagogy or impact of visual literacy.

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