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Compare and Connect: How do adornments make people appear or feel powerful? (Ready to Go Resource)

Ready-to-go resources are short, flexible learning activities that center art as texts. In “Compare and Connect” students use a guiding question to compare works of art within the context of a shared theme and produce brief writing examples. The activities are presented in google slide decks with teaching notes to make classroom implementation easy.

Egungun (Yoruba people) and King Louis IV by the Studio of Hyacinthe Rigaud

Guiding Question: How do adornments make people appear or feel powerful?

Featuring Egúngún Masquerade Ensemble by Unknown Yorùbá Artist and the Studio of Hyacinthe Rigaud’s Louis XV (1710-1774).

Make your own copy! Check the slide notes for the teacher’s guide.

Total Activity Pacing: 30 minutes across 2 days 

Grade(s): 9-12

Activity Overview:

  • In this Compare and Connect activity, students will compare 2 artworks that feature ceremonial clothing and consider how adornments convey power.
  • In Day One: Discuss, students will discuss two artworks that feature ceremonial clothing from two different cultures. Students will compare and contrast the two and consider how adornments are used to convey power. 
  • In Day Two: Write, students will explain what adornments evoke power in modern society and discuss what clothing or adornments give them a sense of power.