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DPI’s Teaching NC Arts Project (Story)

What is the Teaching NC Arts Project? 

The North Carolina Museum of Art worked with the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Arts Education team and the NC Arts Council on an incredible resource, Teaching NC Arts Project, linking a curated selection of NC artists who represent the population of NC with instructional strategies and resources. 

Why teach about NC Artists?

The NC Visual Art Cultural Relevancy Standards call for teaching NC Art, Artists, and the way the culture has been affected by the arts in grades 4 and 8: 

  • 4.CX.1.1 – Understand how the visual arts have affected, and are reflected in, the culture, traditions, and history of North Carolina.
  • 8.CX.1.1 – Understand the role of visual arts in North Carolina and the United States in relation to history and geography.

The Teaching NC Arts Project provides multiple entry points to allow educators to find resources by art media/ category, geographic region, or time period. Several artists featured in the Teaching NC Arts Projects are featured on NCMALearn. Explore the resources on the left and works of art in the image gallery below.

Explore the Teaching NC Arts Project!

Artists in the Teaching NC Artists Project in NCMA's Collection