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Meet the Art: Audubon’s Birds of America (Quick Tip)

John James Audubon, Carolina Parrot


What animal is in this print? How many do you count?

What are they doing? Name the colors you see in this animal.



John James Audubon loved to draw and paint birds. What can birds do that many other animals cannot? Move your arms like a bird. Move them faster. Move them slower.


Audubon painted birds life-size and made them look as real as possible. He showed them flying, swimming, fighting, and eating. Find another work of art with a bird by searching NCMALearn. What kind of bird is it? How do you know?


Do some bird-watching of your own. Sit quietly in a park, or watch birds in your backyard from a window.

How many birds do you see?

What colors are they?

Are they all the same size?

Draw pictures of birds that are different colors. Make them different sizes. Put your drawings in a book. If you need help, an adult can write the name of the bird on each page.