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Resources for Social Emotional Learning on NCMALearn (Story)

Resources for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) on NCMAlearn.

Many discussion strategies and activities found on NCMALearn can be used to develop core competencies in social emotional learning, as outlined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework.


SEL Webinar

View our webinar Integrating Art to Build SEL Competencies for ideas on using discussion strategies to build self awareness, social awareness, and relationship skills while incorporating digital learning tools.



These strategies will help students recognize and name emotions and understand their needs, strengths, and limitations: Start with Personal Prompt, Nouns and Adjectives, and Identifying Emotions with Vocabulary. Use follow-up questions to encourage students to explain their responses.



Regulate emotions to persevere and achieve goals with coping strategies such as 5,4,3,2,1.


Social Awareness

Better understand others’ feelings, take on new perspectives, and become aware of how societal constructs affect behavior with these strategies: Empathy Poem, Snap Judgements, Tableau Vivant, Exploding Atom, and What’d They Say.


Relationship Skills

Several of the strategies above help develop relationship skills through the social environment in which they are enacted. Back to back drawing is a strategy that requires cooperation and relationship building.


Responsible Decision Making

Many NCMALearn lessons require students to make positive choices with self-direction, problem-solving, and motivation. Word to a work is a gallery activity that involves decision making.


Suggested Works of Art

The works suggested below provide great opportunities for using these strategies and developing core SEL competencies with students. Or, book an Exploring Global Art virtual field trip to have an NCMA educator engage your students with SEL-focused strategies and works of art.


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