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Artists in Process – Collection #1 – Works of Art related to the Concept

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How do you see yourself and others as both individuals and members of different, intersecting communities and systems?

We are always interconnected—that is, we act as both individuals and as members of a group. We are both independent and interdependent, unique individuals and members of a community, responsible to ourselves and the world in which we live, actors and acted upon. Interconnectedness is the ever-present context for our efforts to investigate, imagine, and influence the world around us.

Artists question the world around them and create ideas that are both original and influenced by their cultural and social contexts. Powerful art can inspire viewers to consider the world – and their relationships to different people, places, and times. Exploring themes of interconnectedness in works of art provides opportunities to engage with the complex relationship between the individual and the group.


Explore these works of art through the lens of the concept – INTERCONNECTED