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Resources on NCMAlearn: Hispanic Heritage Month (Quick Tip)

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each year from September 15 to October 15 in the United States for the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by learning about the richness of culture from ancient artifacts to works by contemporary artists and exploring resources to incorporate these objects into your classroom all year long.


NCMA’s Ancient American Collection

The NCMA’s ancient American collection presents artifacts from 1150 BCE to 1550 CE. Visit the galleries to see objects from six different modern countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Peru. Explore select works on view in the Ancient American Galleries – NCMALearn (

Explore two of these ancient civilizations through NCMA Explore, a new, innovative resource created to support learning at the middle school level. NCMA Learn reimagines how students engage with ancient civilizations by harnessing the power of immersive technology and the learning potential that lies within museum objects.

NCMA Explore: Ancient Peru – NCMALearn (

NCMA Explore: Ancient Mexico – NCMALearn (

Modern and Contemporary Artists of Hispanic Heritage on NCMA Learn